Dean’s Message

ereyesThe trajectory of these 18 years, places us in the middle of our journey, with still much to do to make real the dream we had with Dr. Patricia García when we took the leadership of the School in April 2011; continuing the contributions of our School facing the country and Public Health issues. This implied generating an attitude and willingness to boost our undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs and permanent education, with quality; to open and share the efforts to generate knowledge and action in our research units; to support the creativity of our students in developing their incorporation initiatives in volunteering, with actions in the community, in the student representation and other developments.

The new infrastructure with light, air and color, was vital to host new undergraduate students who came from various cities, towns and communities from the coast, highlands and jungle of our country. Never in such good company! This is an enormous wealth; we took the challenge to recognize ourselves among cultures, without impositions, with varied voices able to project new ways of living. Thus, it becomes possible to walk through the 21st Century living this diversity with assertion, but also with professional insertions and projects with the potential to be disseminated and become a reality in our regions in initiatives of Public Health and Health Administration, contributing to the welfare of our populations and cultures.

We have 128 students following updated curriculums, External Advisory Committees have been formed and met for the two careers of Health Administration and Public Health and Global Health, and the process of accreditation has begun. The curricula of our Masters programs have been updated. The spaces for public discussion with the “Public Health Wednesdays” and the academic spaces with the “Research Tuesdays” and the “Thesis on Fridays” have continuity.

In this path, I thank the intangible efforts of professors, students and administrative workers who accompany us on this road giving us their time, talent, that with their critiques orient processes, that exercise their teaching mission valuing ​​students’ knowledge, learning from each other, dialoguing with their ideas, questions and uncertainties. We recognize their efforts to encourage the production of interdisciplinary knowledge that, through evidence, allows us to expose problems and to influence on welfare policies, thus fostering other dimensions of the life and health of our populations.

All of these capabilities make possible that the contribution to our society and to the academic field is significant. This document seeks to explain what we are as School and what we do to contribute to the development of Public Health and Global Health. I summon you to persist and watch the horizon that we are building, with the certainty that the knowledge we have is to serve.


Mission and Vision

Why is our School named ‘Carlos Vidal Layseca?

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